About Centre AMATA

After many years of exploration of life and the world, we both felt it was about time to grow roots somewhere. So we established ourselves here  in Valencogne, France, in early 2018 and started to build the foundations for Centre AMATA by taking over the established guest house previously named "La ferme du Marais". The meaning of Amata is "Beloved" in Latin and "Eternal" in Sanskrit, a good expression of what we wish to create here: a little paradise, a place that can support people to reconnect with their deeper Self, their fellow human beings and with Nature. 


Yoga and spirituality is fully part of this project and of our life. We aim to live by the values that derive from it in all aspects of life, not just on the yoga mat. Respecting Mother Nature and harmonising the material and the spiritual planes is thus at the very core of this project. You can read more about Centre AMATA's physical and energetic qualities here.

Our teachers

We owe our most profound transformation to the following three great spiritual masters:

It is their love and wisdom that continues to guide us every day!



We are also deeply grateful for the immensely valuable teachings received at Agama Yoga. We both left Agama in 2014 because we no longer resonated with the spirit at the school. Emmanuel has been greatly inspired by the teachings and many silent retreats attended with Sahaja of Hridaya Yoga (Hridaya global and Hridaya France).  


It is impossible to mention all the extraordinary and wonderful beings who have guided and inspired us along the years and continue to do so. Our love and gratitude to all of them! 

Last but not least

Centre AMATA would not exist without the heartful, generous and encouraging support of our families! You've made this project possible. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

About us

Ruth Züblin (Prem Bhaviki) & Emmanuel Mougenot (Manu Akshobhia)

We both have a deep love and fascination for the mysteries and depths of our Being and we love to share it with others. In our activities at Centre AMATA we offer a holistic experience based on all the teachings and growth experiences we have found immensely valuable for ourselves along the years of our spiritual journey. 


Ruth (1976) grew up in a small village in Switzerland. After studies in international relations and development cooperation, she spent 4 years in Sri Lanka, working for an NGO. After her return to Switzerland, she worked for various companies, managing projects in marketing, business development and logistics. 


But the jungles and ancient places of worship of Sri Lanka had left an imprint and had stirred in her a pull towards the mysterious, the inexplicable. 


"I was brought up and educated to believe that everything in life had a rational explanation, was logical, calculable and therefore controllable. Some experiences in my life just did not fit into this frame of mind. Only spirituality could satisfy this fascination for the unknown and nurture this love for the subtle dimensions of our Being!


Since 2011, Ruth dedicated her life to her spiritual quest and the search for Truth, undergoing and deepening in a profound transformation process under the guidance of Prem Baba, Guruji Rajkumar Baswar and Mooji. 


"What an incredible ride! Thank you Manu, for sharing it with me!"


Languages: Ruth speaks Swiss-German, German, English and French. She understands Spanish and Portuguese and a little bit of Italian. 


Emmanuel (Manu, 1973) grew up in Brussels, Belgium. His mother being a yoga teacher, he got in touch with yoga very early in his life. After studies in western philosophy, he got more and more drawn to deeply explore the field of spirituality.


"My first trip to India in 1995 profoundly touched me. It was such an intense process to discover 'Mother India', especially Rishikesh and the Ganga. From then on I got the calling to immerse myself completely in the spiritual path and explore the eastern approaches of philosophy and its various practices."


Emmanuel spent most of his time between 2000 and 2015 in India and Thailand to deepen his quest, practicing various forms of yoga and meditation, thirsty to receive all the genuine teachings he could encounter on his path: from Yoga, Tantra, Buddhism, Sufism, Christian mysticism, etc. For many years, Manu was teaching at Agama Yoga where he also trained future yoga teachers. From 2007 to 2014, he ran his own yoga school in Dharamsala, India, together with his partner at the time. He also held many workshops & meditation retreats in Canada, Turkey and Europe. 


Languages: Emmanuel speaks French and English



For more information about Emmanuel, visit www.yoga-spanda.com

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