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Leave your daily life behind, an off-time full of inspiration is waiting for you!

Centre AMATA is a calm and magical place in an idyllic setting on the "Camino de Santiago" in south-eastern France. The peaceful atmosphere in the middle of nature invites you to relax and recharge your batteries. The gentle, very feminine landscape, criss-crossed by hiking trails and dotted with wetlands, lush forests and stunning views, as well as the nearby lake "Paladru" make this place a paradise for nature lovers. 


Our house is located between the tiny villages of Valencogne and Brézin, surrounded by nothing but fields and forests! It is very calm here. Due to its physical and energetic qualities, Centre AMATA offers a very conducive environment for introspection and contemplation. It is the perfect hideaway for seekers of Truth and sensitive people. Check out our "welcome sensitives!" page for more info. 


Centre AMATA wishes to be at the service of human awakening and to offer a place of relaxation and inspiration to all those who long to explore the deeper meaning of life.

You can enjoy Centre AMATA the way you like it best:

  • Treat yourself to a slow-down stay to nourish body and soul
  • Book a room with an organic breakfast included (vegetarian dinner as an option)
  • Rent Centre AMATA as a guesthouse, venue for workshops, retreats or seminars

Our meals are mostly vegan, but we do serve dairy products, especially for breakfast, for those who like them. Dinner usually comes with a small salad, a main course and a dessert. Our sumptuous breakfast also offers a choice of gluten- and lactose free products. We use only organic products and whenever possible, fruits and veggies come straight from our garden!

We speak English


Yoga - Meditation - Nature - Music - Acupressure - Silence


For those who long to add a deeper dimension to their visit, our slow-down stay presents an ideal opportunity to take some distance from your daily life and direct your attention towards your inner Being.


Book a room with organic breakfast and vegetarian dinner on request.  We offer a special reduction for pilgrims and a discount for bookings of more than 1 night!


Rent Centre AMATA as a guesthouse for relaxed holidays, workshops, reatreats or seminars.

Centre AMATA is located in the triangle between Lyon, Grenoble and Geneva. It can be easily reached by car or public transport and taxi. See our contact page for details on how to get here. 


Our house is an old farmhouse renovated with great taste and managed ecologically. It can accommodate up to 14 people. It has 4 beautiful, very spacious bedrooms (27-35m2), each with a bathroom and a balcony. Around the house you will find lots of space with various relaxation areas, a terrace, a pond, a swimming pool and above all, a lot of nature! 


Here you can simply relax, enjoy nature and the peaceful atmosphere. For those who wish to explore the region, there are many things to do including hiking, biking, swimming, sight-seeing, visiting the nearby mountains etc.


We care about preserving a healthy and serene atmosphere. That's why the entire property - inside and outside - is a non-smoking zone.

Centre AMATA

99, Chemin de Brézin

38730, Valencogne,

Isère, France

+33 4 37 05 29 33

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