welcome sensitives!

As we know from our own experience, it can be quite a challenge to avoid over-stimulation and enjoy a relaxing, replenishing holiday. Due to its peaceful atmosphere and unique natural surroundings, Centre AMATA is a place where even highly sensitive people can relax and let their senses expand.


We do our best to be transparent about what our guests can expect here in terms of the physical characteristics and the energetic vibe of this place. But as we're all different and sensitive to different things, do not hesitate to ask us if you have doubts or don't find the answer to your questions on our website.

The surroundings

  • Centre AMATA is on a 6ha piece of land, surrounded only by fields and forests!
  • Nature is powerful here. Many clients comment on the quiet and peaceful atmosphere.
  • In the summer months, you'll be immersed in the sounds of crickets all over! Listening to their symphony is absolutely elevating.
  • Around the house you'll hear the infinite soothing sound of flowing water.
  • In spring, the frogs in our pond make some noise. We love their chanting but guests should know it can be a bit noisy.
  • There's no noise or air pollution except for a few agricultural machines here and there. Depending on the season and were you are on the property, you may faintly hear the distant road.
  • At night, there's no light pollution - there's hardly any artificial light source visible.
  • We are in a dead-end. There's no road, railway or high-tension wire nearby.


  • We serve vegetarian or vegan organic food. When available, we're proud to serve you homegrown fruits & veggies!
  • We never use white sugar, chemical additives or glutamate.
  • All our food is freshly homemade. 
  • If you have any allergies, please let us know in advance.
  • You'll drink filtered spring water from our own land (no chlorine!)


  • Spirituality is something very normal for us. We are all spiritual beings even if we don't  know it or believe it.
  • Living a spiritual life to us simply means living from the inside out, in recognition of our true nature, which is spiritual.
  • Spirituality is not about a particular belief system or a religion. It is simply to live in the honouring of our true nature without looking into the mind for a definition of who we are. 

The guesthouse

  • Guests regularly comment on the beauty of the rooms and the quiet, peaceful atmosphere. The wood floors and ceilings contribute to a cozy, healthy feeling.
  • Our rooms are very spaceous: 27-35m2! They all have their own balcony and shower/toilet. 
  • The entire property - inside and outside - is a non-smoking zone.
  • We use only ecological, allergy-free cleaning and washing products.
  • No artificial room perfumes
  • Guests can switch the wifi on and off independently. The only other wifi signal that might be perceived faintly in the guesthouse is our private one. It is switched off at night.
  • The mobile signal here is very weak.
  • The pool is on a slope behind the house. Elderly people might need a helping hand to walk up to the pool area. 
  • In wintertime, our geothermal heater makes some noise. It can be heard in the dining area and the hall. On very cold days, it may be faintly heard in some of the rooms (similar to the noise of a fridge).
  • Our private home is under the same roof as the guesthouse, but the guest area is clearly separated from our private space (separate entrance, separate kitchen and dining area, separate outdoor space). Mutual respect of privacy is very important to us.

Centre AMATA

99, Chemin de Brézin

38730, Valencogne,

Isère, France

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